General terms and conditions


These General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) govern the rights and obligations of You, as Buyers and Us as Sellers, within the framework of contractual relations concluded through the E-shop on the website

All information about the processing of your personal data is contained in the Privacy Policy, which can be found on the website

As you probably know, we communicate primarily at a distance. Therefore, it also applies to our Agreement that means of distance communication are used, which allow us to reach an agreement without the simultaneous physical presence of Us and You.

If any part of the Terms contradicts what we have jointly approved in the process of your purchase on our E-shop, this particular agreement will take precedence over the Terms.


The price is the financial amount you will pay for the Goods;

The price for transport is the financial amount you will pay for the delivery of the Goods, including the price for its packaging;

The total price is the sum of the Price and the Price for transport;

VAT is value added tax according to valid legal regulations;

The e-shop is an online store operated by Us at Ostružinová 2101, Černošice, 25228, where the Purchase of Goods will take place;

An invoice is a tax document issued in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act for the Total Price;

We are the company Lucie Vladyková (Surf Dream), with its registered office at Ostružinová 2101, Černošice, 25228, ID number 05382521, registered in the Trade Register of the Municipal Office Černošice, e-mail, telephone number +420777351833, ;

The Order is your irrevocable proposal to conclude a Contract for the purchase of Goods with Us;

The Contract is a purchase contract concluded on the basis of a duly completed Order sent via the E-shop, and is concluded when you receive an Order confirmation from Us;

A User Account is an account established on the basis of data provided by you, which enables the storage of entered data and the storage of the history of the ordered Goods and concluded Contracts;

You are the person purchasing on our E-shop, referred to by law as the buyer;

The goods are everything you can buy on the E-shop.

General provisions and instructions

The purchase of the Goods is only possible via the web interface of the E-shop.

When purchasing the Goods, it is your duty to provide us with all information correctly and truthfully. We will therefore consider the information you provided to us when ordering the Goods to be correct and true.


The contract with Us can be concluded in Czech, English and German.

The contract is concluded remotely via the E-shop, while the costs of using means of distance communication are paid by you. However, these costs do not differ in any way from the basic rate you pay for the use of these funds (ie especially for Internet access), so you do not have to expect any additional costs charged by Us beyond the Total Price. By sending the Order, you agree that we use means of distance communication.

In order to be able to conclude the Agreement, you need to create a draft Order on the E-shop. This proposal must include the following information:

Information about the purchased Goods (in the E-shop you mark the Goods you are interested in purchasing with the "Add to cart" button);

Information on the Price, the Price for transport, the method of payment of the Total Price and the required method of delivery of the Goods; this information will be entered within the creation of the draft Order within the user environment of the E-shop, while information about the Price, the Price for transport and the Total Price will be provided automatically based on your chosen Goods and the method of its delivery;

Our identification data used to deliver the Goods, in particular name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address;

During the creation of the Order design, he may change and check the data until its creation. After performing the check by pressing the "Order binding to payment" button, you will create an Order. Before pressing the button, however, you must confirm your acquaintance and agreement with these Conditions, otherwise it will not be possible to create an Order. Use the check box to confirm and agree. After pressing the "Order binding for payment" button, all completed information will be sent directly to Us.

We will confirm your Order to you as soon as possible after it has been delivered to us by a message sent to your e-mail address entered in the Order. The confirmation will include a summary of the Order and these Conditions. By confirming the Order on our part, an Agreement is concluded between Us and you. The Conditions as amended as of the date of the Order form an integral part of the Agreement.

There may also be cases when we will not be able to confirm your Order. These are mainly situations where the Goods are not available or cases where you order a larger number of Goods than is allowed by us. However, we will always provide you with information on the maximum number of Goods in advance within the E-shop and should therefore not be surprising to you. In the event that there is any reason why we can not Ord


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